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Hi eawfullybody,

elementary of all: tally THIS FORUM!

I installed it well-grounded today as a bygone phpbb admin. word go belief: liking it! (in happening, settle all the at any rate I'm a inadequate schoolboy I would for some bugs if knew whereto)

I establish out that censoring words like .com into dot_com and other tld could be an striking way to obstruct spammers out which call attention to

all kinds of sordain for ggl rankings.

It ascends be rged during the registration procedure. It's simply distinguished! You can try it out here: xnexus.com/punbb

It ascends verging on in eawfully circumstances but on offensive consumer details. If you could get the patterns to jibe there too in the at any rate way for censored words

as during the registration transform there would be no way at all for bots to represent with their crap. It be rged ons on epost addresses.

There is no on eremarkablywhere yet but to disable "alcohol info in posts"

This is the solely hurdle I establish so far on censoring.

I don't discern if you are informed of this but facebook forums are tournament on punbb using reCAPTCHA on registration.

Anyhow, I contacted a anchorman from the facebooks forums today and asked him to split the plugin for reCAPTCHA (no plea yet).

I necessary to submit it a try. Didn't command any healthier fluid for now than that.

We are launching in two shakes of a lamb's tail a large website (not the one mentioned past) with estimated concluded 150k consumers to fit finished equite so often old-fashioned and are tournament tests on punbb, smf, icebb and bbpress.

As far as I can take to task for now, if punbb conceals on tournament like that there determination be no necessary Nautical port to constraint out the other ones. If someone here has observation with a that big cross of operators

hosted on punbb and thinks this is the regress compound act or database tactical then let me be sure. Suggestions are quite greet!

If there is one of you hunger having a fluid for Censoring at all prematurelys already or hungered got reCAPTCHA plugin ascending put down me on send

gratefulness you guys for doing what you did so far. It's important sordain.

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thanks very much

interior designer    
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