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حصريا: البوم رائع يضم اغاني الافلام المرشحة لجائزة اوسكار 2013 بعنوان " VA - 20 Oscar Winning Songs Vol.2 2013 " تحميل مباشر

VA - 20 Oscar Winning Songs Vol.2 2013 Artist: VA Title Of Album: 20 Oscar Winning Songs Vol.2 Year Of

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جديد حصريا: البوم رائع يضم اغاني الافلام المرشحة لجائزة اوسكار 2013 بعنوان " VA - 20 Oscar Winning Songs Vol.2 2013 " تحميل مباشر

VA - 20 Oscar Winning Songs
Vol.2 2013

Artist: VA
Title Of Album: 20 Oscar Winning Songs Vol.2
Year Of Release: 2013
Genre: Easy Listening, Instrumental
Quality: MP3
Bitrate: 320 kbps
Total Time: 00:59:31
Total Size: 122 Mb


01. Sweet Leilany (from Waikiki Wedding) - Franck Chacksfield
02. Thanks for The Memory (from The Big Broadcast) - Geoff Love
03. When You Wish Upon A Star (from Pinocchio) - Helmut Zacharias
04. The Last Time I Saw Paris (from Lady Be Good) - Edmundo Ros
05. Swinging on A Star (from Goпng My Way) - Ferrante & Teicher
06. Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah (from Song of the South) - Ray Conniff
07. Mona Lisa (from Captain Carey USA) - The Hollyridge Strings)
08. High Noon (from High Noon) - Roland Shaw
09. Secret Love (fom Calamity Jane) - James Last Band
10. Three Coins in the Fountain - Caravelli
11. Never on Sunday (from Never on Sunday) - Cyril Stapleton
12. Born Free (from Born Free) - Ronnie Aldrich
13. The Shadow of Your Smile (from the Sandpiper)-Georges Delagaye
14. Chim Chim Cher-ee (from Mary Poppins) - Xavier Cugat
15. Raindrops keep Falling on My Head (from Butch Cassidy) - Joe Loss
16. Theme from "Shaft" - Manyard Ferguson
17. Talk to the Animals (from Doctor Dolittle)- Empress Orchestra
18. The Morning After (from The Poseidon Adventure) - Paul Mauriat
19. You Light Up My Life (from You Light Up My Life)- Ray Mc.Vay
20. You'll Be In My Heart (from Tarzan) - George Zamphir



















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